How we work

Yorkshire’s universities and higher education institutions have a strong track record in collaborating, not only with one another but also with other public and private partners. This has led to many benefits - including inward investment, the attraction and retention of graduates, support for local communities, cultural facilities and the development of key industrial sectors. 

Yorkshire Universities provides a forum for all 12 higher education institutions in Yorkshire to work together on common and shared areas of interest.

Yorkshire Universities’ Board

Yorkshire Universities convenes Yorkshire’s higher education senior leadership to create an environment in which current and future issues can be explored. The Yorkshire Universities’ Board meets regularly throughout the year to explore opportunities for collaboration, discuss challenges to the sector and agree strategic priorities. 

Yorkshire Universities’ Executive Management Group 

The Executive Management Group (EMG) is an important link between Yorkshire Universities and its member institutions. The EMG’s role is to implement the strategy agreed by the Board and to work with key stakeholders on common areas of interest which address regional and local priorities for Yorkshire. The EMG provides support and direction to the Yorkshire Universities team and oversees standard business areas such as financial and management and governance of the organisation.

Yorkshire Universities’ Network Groups

Collaboration between members enables them to work more effectively. Yorkshire Universities runs network groups for colleagues. The number and nature of these groups depends on current challenges and opportunities. 

Yorkshire Universities’ Knowledge Transfer Directors’ Group

Yorkshire Universities’ longest-standing and most active group represents knowledge transfer directors. This fulfils an important advisory role for the organisation, identifying priority issues in universities’ engagement with the economy and opportunities for funding for collaborative work.