Advocacy and influencing

Yorkshire Universities is an effective body for lobbying and responding to policy development and an effective vehicle for pressing for change when appropriate.

Through Yorkshire Universities, external stakeholders - including government, MPs, HEFCE, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and local authorities - are able to engage with higher education in Yorkshire across mission groups and institutions.
Yorkshire Universities responds to external consultations to make a case to government and other agencies and seeks to ensure that the voice for higher education in Yorkshire influences national agendas.

Current examples of advocacy and policy  work include:
1. Working with national government and policy bodies (e.g. Universities UK) and the Local Enterprise Partnerships in Yorkshire to inform the content of the next European Structural Funds Programme and its operation in Yorkshire.  
2. Using the Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire All Party Parliamentary Group to showcase Yorkshire’s universities and alert MPs to issues most important to the sector.
3. Developing a graduate employment campaign highlighting the value of graduate talent to Yorkshire’s SMEs for boosting their business growth and levels of innovation.