Why Choose higher education?

Successfully studying for a degree can really improve your future career prospects.
Higher education can also give you a unique opportunity to take part in a rich cultural and social life at university or college, meeting people from all over the world while studying something you love.

University is an investment in your future. You’ll have a much better range of careers to choose from and many employers target graduates in their recruitment. Not only will you broaden your future employment prospects, but you could also be at less risk of unemployment. According to recent research by the Guardian Newspaper, 15% of people who graduated over the last 6 years are unemployed, compared to 27% of people who left school 6 years ago without any higher education.

Graduates can enter training programs at a higher level and may find they can move several steps ahead of those who have been working for three years fairly quickly. That acceleration continues and graduates progress to higher levels in companies and to correspondingly higher salaries than those without a degree.
Because people choose to study for a degree part-time and at different times in their lives, universities are full of students who bring different and interesting dimensions to university life. Making new friends is a key part of the higher education experience and you'll meet people from different countries and backgrounds and get involved in new sports, hobbies and interests.

University can help you to build self-confidence and independence and learn how to stand on your own two feet in a safe and supportive environment. Studying at university will deepen your knowledge and skills within your chosen subject area.  On top of that, most degree courses now include work experience placements, which mean you will graduate with more than just a degree. Many students also use university to pursue very specific careers like medicine, architecture and law that can only be practiced by graduates with a particular higher education qualification.