Postgraduates for International Business

What is the scheme?
This scheme links Yorkshire companies seeking to expand international export activities with appropriately skilled undergraduate and post-graduate students across the region.
The scheme is being delivered in partnership with UKTI and Yorkshire Universities members and is supported by the Local Enterprise Partnerships of Leeds City Region and York, North Yorkshire and East Riding.

Why should my business consider taking part?
Yorkshire’s universities attract students from over 150 countries, including postgraduate students who already have an undergraduate degree and are working towards a higher level qualification. These students can help your business to develop existing or emerging international markets, by offering the following key benefits:
  • Foreign language skills
  • Multicultural experience
  • Contacts and networks in overseas markets
  • Experience working in global markets
  • Knowledge of ways of doing business in other countries

How will the scheme benefit my business?
The scheme offers your company a flexible, cost-effective way to bring international skills and talent into your organisation. The paid placements can vary in length and timing – students can work full-time during vacation periods, part-time during term time, and international graduates are also eligible to work for up to a four month period after finishing their course.

What does my business have to contribute to the scheme?
In order to be eligible to take part, you need to be a company based in Yorkshire, with current or planned international export activity, and able to fund a project, including payment of the student. You will need to have an appropriate project idea for a student to undertake, which has an international focus and is directly linked to your international export work.

How do I find out more?
For more information about the scheme, please complete this short enquiry form and an advisor from UKTI will contact you with further details.